Ziplining Through the Jungles of Chiang Mai

Kids spend a lot of time thinking about superheroes. Maybe it’s because as children, we’re not yet fully aware of our mortality or earthly limitations, or maybe it’s because we’re still inclined to believe in magic. Whatever the reason, as a child, I found myself devoting a lot of time to thinking about what superpower I would have if given the choice.

Mind-reading? Too invasive.

Time travel? Lots of loose ends.

Super strength? Seemed excessive.

But flight, well, the gift of flight always seemed like an excellent idea. And perhaps that is why we went skydiving for the first Christmas we celebrated together back in 2011… it could also be because Tay gets me to do insane adrenaline-inducing activities on the regular.

Whatever the reason, childhood ambitions or my boyfriend’s suggestions, Tay and I found ourselves strapped in harnesses, soaring hundreds of feet over the lush greenery of Thailand two weeks ago. We did a fair amount of research into what company we wanted to spend the day with, and Skyline Adventure checked all of our boxes. It offers the highest and longest zipline course in the country! Additionally, their course includes rappelling lines and some sweet, wooden suspension bridges. Not to mention we were able to spend the entire day with them for a mere $50, when every other course ranged from $80-150. Without further ado, here are some pictures (and videos) we snapped on the GoPro during our zipline adventure.


Here we are at the beginning of the day, when we weren’t yet aware of how high up we’d be.


The scenery took our breath away… and so did the heights.

Here I am cruising over a 600m zipline (a.k.a. nearly 2,000 feet–hot damn).


The day was full of laughter, smiles, and the occasional swear word when things took vertical turns.


Our guides thought it was hilarious to jump up and down on these sketchy bridges as we crossed them.

Here’s Tay abseiling down from over 50m (160+ feet). Those vertical drops were definitely more terrifying than the standard ziplines.


This smile is masking a serious scream.


A bug’s eye view of one of the trees we rappelled from!


In addition to learning how to abseil, we also learned that you can kiss while tandem ziplining (without injuring you or your partner #winning).


We had an amazing day soaring through the treetops with Skyline Adventure, and I’m so glad I can finally check ziplining off my bucket list.


And at the end of the day, the rest of our group (who were all from China), wanted to take some jumping pictures to commemorate our thrilling adventure. Score!

Although I might not be able to fly in real life (or read minds) I feel like I got a little bit closer to the sun while ziplining. And now, I can safely say my childhood self was correct in her desires–being airborne is incredible.

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