We Ate a Million Things in Thailand (Part One)

I have a confession to make: I have a relationship that dates back further than the one I have with Taylor… and it’s my relationship with Thai food.

My sister Alana introduced our family to a Thai restaurant in Solana Beach many years ago, Bangkok Bay, and it’s been true love ever since. If you’re in San Diego you HAVE to go. My family still eats there for special occasions and is legit obsessed with their food and service (for good reason).

For me, Thai food is so delicious because it uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and relies heavily on balanced flavors. No proper Thai dish is complete without complementary elements, be it pairing sweet and savory or spicy and sour. There’s so much care that goes into their dishes and that has been made ever more apparent to me during this trip.

Tay and I have been noshing our way around Asia, but Thai food has been the most magnificent cuisine by far. So without further ado, I invite you to gaze upon a sampling of the bazillion dishes we’ve tried in Thailand. Caution: if you’re prone to #foodenvy, please avert your eyes and X out of your browser window slowly…


A pad Thai dish wrapped in a layer of hot, fresh egg, accompanied by two massive shrimp.


Tender pork meat and greens over rice.


Pork noodle soup has become one of my dearest obsessions here. Every vendor makes such different broth but they’re all mouthwateringly tasty.


What did I tell you about the pork noodle soup…


Goong ten a.k.a “dancing” shrimp. Yeah, Tay got down on these live crustaceans without my help.


Stir-fried morning glory and yellow curried crab.


Blood cockles! Delicious but not the prettiest dish.




Stir-fried pork and green beans.


Minced pork salad and chicken curry.


A freaking delicious Thai “omelette.” The omelette’s here are more similar to a Chinese egg foo young.


One of my family’s favorite Thai dishes, tom kha gai. A coconut-based soup flavored with lemongrass.


Morning glory with crispy pork and minced chicken.


Did you know Red Bull was created in Thailand? Straight from the source.


Som tam (green papaya salad) and chicken with cashews and peppers.


So many street vendors sell “pancakes” that we had to give one a try. This is a pancake stuffed with banana and topped with chocolate.


A whole garlic-fried fish. This was uh-MAZ-ing.


OK, we finally caved after a while and wanted some Western food…this burger we had in Koh Lanta was legendary.


Tom Yum Goong: this spicy, sour, shrimp soup will give me sweet dreams for years to come. Lord have mercy.


Kale with pork.


Crispy noodles with pork and wontons.


Coconut ice cream with purple sticky rice and peanuts…served in a coconut!


CHA YEN! I never liked Thai iced tea back home but I’m officially smitten with it here.


Another garlic-fried fish. We can’t control ourselves. Everything is so cheap here! This fish made a fine meal for two and was $6.


Mangosteen fruit, kind of had the taste of a grape/plum hybrid.


Duck and fish curries. Both were spicy as hell.


Can’t publish this post without including at least one shot of pad Thai.

AAAAAAAAAAND there you have it, folks. We’ve been eating like kings and queens out here and hopefully we don’t come home 300lbs heavier. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you this weekend by taking them out for Thai food. 😉

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  1. Jim Trah Reply

    Love it- eating your way through Thailand. That garlic Talapia was one of our favorites. Did you go to the same street stand?

  2. Mary Anne McGrath Reply

    I remember you dad being eclectic in food tastes, with a lot of curiosity. Over the years you were introduced to so may varieties and obviously these experiences were positive. Keep enjoying, bet your dad would love to be there, not for the “butt jury’s though Xoxoxoxo

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