The Best Booze Cruise in Europe

Anyone who has ever found themselves in the Algarve can attest to its striking beauty, and those who have been to Lagos know that Southern Portugal is paradise. Nestled along the coast, this tiny town is known for outrageous parties, spontaneous parades, and some of the friendliest locals in Western Europe.

I found myself in Portugal for a weekend with some girlfriends, and we decided to let loose and board a booze cruise. The Rising Cock Hostel is considered something of a legend in these parts (as if you couldn’t tell from the name alone). Run by a tireless gang of international adventurers, the Cock runs the best booze cruise their side of the Atlantic.


The boat sets off through an array of sea cliffs, perfect for pictures as long as you’re not too tipsy- Our tour guides assured me that lots of cameras have found their way to Davy Jones’ locker.



Packed to the brim, our cruise was full of Aussies and excited travelers (some of which had partied too hardy, as pictured here).



Here’s me and my friends after befriending said Aussies. Our cups filleth to the brim with sweet, delicious sangria.


I was lucky enough to share this adventure with one of my best friends, Alie. We made it through the day (relatively) unscathed.


And if you’re really well behaved, and ask the crew members nicely, they’ll even let you steer the boat (don’t try this on your boat at home).


The drinks served on deck are included in the price of the package- $42, or 40 euro, for a day full of scenic debauchery.


When you tire of drinking, you can try your hand at sounding off on the conch, a salty tradition.


No trip to sea is complete without splashing around in the ocean.


So as soon as you’ve dropped anchor, grab your best mate and jump ship.


The warm waters of the Algarve will rise up to greet you, and you’ll leave Portugal with enough memories to fill an ocean. Booze cruises are a great way to spend a day while on vacation, but are definitely not recommended for families. Grab your friend, lover, or get to know some other travelers, and prepare your liver for some good old fashion cruisin’ fun.

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