Getting Soaked During Songkran


What’s that, it’s April, you say?

You’re right, typically in the States we welcome in the New Year on the eve of January 1st, but in Thailand, it’s celebrated from April 13th-15th. Thai New Year, or Songkran, is a massive three-day celebration that has the entire nation out in the streets, soaking each other with water. The water is meant to symbolize a washing away of sins and bad luck.

If that’s the case, then Tay and I are both going to be two lucky little buggers in 2016, because we were drenched within minutes of leaving our hotel room.

The streets of Chiang Mai were packed with people expelling ice cold water from buckets, cups, bulky squirt guns, and even tricked-out backpacks. The entire city was in a joyful mood as a parade went down the main street and live music could be heard on many major street corners.

We happily joined in the celebration with our newly purchased squirt guns. All the participants were RUTHLESS. We saw babies, pets, and the elderly getting hosed down like nobody’s business…but we also were squirted down by babies and the elderly…so I have very little sympathy for them and their wetness .

Here’s us at the beginning of the day, already pretty wet, and having some breakfast beers in the spirit of celebration.


I can only imagine how much money people selling squirt guns make during Songkran…talk about a get rich quick scheme.


These two looked innocent enough…


Until this local lady blasted Tay with a bucket of ice water. His face is post-pour, and her arm is outstretched because she was dousing me and the GoPro! And yes, that is my dear boyfriend laughing hysterically as I squirmed.


This little lady won cutest competitor of the day in my book. Please note the Hello Kitty poncho and matching gun in all their glory.


The look on this guy’s face was too good to not post.


We saw tons of people crammed in the back of truck beds, heaving water out into the streets on pedestrians as they drove by.


Action shot!


Buckets of water getting tossed straight from the river, which you can get a glimpse of here in the background.


Here’s a snap of some of the thousands of people who turned up for the water festival.


Drive by water-shooting. Never squirt and drive, guys.




Here’s me, not knowing what the heck is going on, but having a fabulous time anyway.


Happy Songkran!! I hope the new year finds you safe and dry.

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  1. gerry McGrath Reply

    Well then a Happy New Year to u both, keep sharing ur wonderful experiences n

    making life -long memories 2gether

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