6 Tastiest International Frozen Treats

It’s another sunny day in San Diego. And like on most sunny days in San Diego -meaning almost every day – I’ve got the munchies and I’m craving some frozen treats. I might end up at Mr. Frostie’sGelato Bus Stop, or Baked Bear – who could say. There are so many choices here! But my love for frozen treats doesn’t stop at the end of my street. Here are of few of my favorite frozen dessert ideas from around the world:


Italy: Gelato is Italy’s answer to ice cream. I like it. A lot. Its soft creamy consistency from its lesser amount of air is what I’m all about. Try a traditional flavor like the shaved chocolate stracciatella if you’re feeling worldly.

Japan: Mochi ice cream is my Asian frosty delight of choice. Ice cream is wrapped in a cornstarch dusted mochi (pounded sticky rice) coat – creating a Japanese ice cream sandwich of sorts. Again – try a traditional flavor like green tea or azuki (red bean) or just stick with a flavor you already know and love, like chocolate.

Brazil: I’m not sure if açaí na tigela, the traditional Brazilian dessert of frozen mashed acai palm fruit, actually resembles what I regularly get from the local smoothie spots around town. This acai paste is passed off as a healthy breakfast topped with fruits and granola. I hope we’ll have the chance to find out soon!

Scandanavia: Does Scandanavian Shave Ice exist in Scandanavia? We’re going to find out next week on our cruise around the Baltic Sea! If not, I’ll have to get my shaved ice (different than a snow cone) fix from Hawaii’s Big Island. I’d also love to try the Latin American shaved ice Raspao, with its fruity syrups, or perhaps Malaysian Kacang topped with sweet corn and jelly cubes.

Turkey: Turkish ice cream is called dondurma. It’s usually sold from street vendors (check out this video) and it’s a bit different than what you’re used to getting from Ben and Jerry thanks to its extra ingredient – salep. Salep is powdered orchid tuber, and it lends this frozen treat a unique elastic quality. Chewy ice cream – who would’ve thought?

America: If I weren’t confident it was significantly contributing to my risk of diabetes, I’d drink a Coke Slurpee every day for the rest of my life. YUM!


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