Hi! We’re Taylor Trah(Tay) and Justine McGrath(Jay). As native Californians, we grew up exploring the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, but decided that we wanted to know what lies beyond it. We started this blog with the hopes of inspiring travelers of all creeds to get out there and grab onto a piece of the world. Whether you’re exploring your own neighborhood or a foreign continent, we believe that you should do something new each day. Wanna know more about us? Keep reading.


Tay’s from San Jose and Jay’s from San Diego. Our worlds collided in 2011 when we met at a rave inside the San Diego Air & Space Museum. That night we stayed up talking until four a.m., discussing our (then separate) plans of traveling the world and living lives full of adventure.


Since that evening, we’ve been inseparable. We’ve gone skydiving, watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, attended countless music festivals, and eaten more sushi than is probably healthy.


What makes us a dream team? Tay’s got an eye for photography and Jay has a way with words. Together we craft stories and take pictures that will have you longing to break out of your comfort zone and hop on a plane.

The past four years have been a crazy ride, as we know the ones ahead will be too. Follow along with us on our journey as we take on this great big globe.

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  1. tinyexpats Reply

    Such a romantic story :) We’ve been on the move with my husband all the 10 years that we’ve been together. Now it’s 2 kids and 5 countries as expats later – and still loving it :)
    Will be following your journey!

  2. rodi (Rob and Diane) Reply

    Hi Jay and Tay
    Great tag line for a name : almost like RoDi
    Thanks for following our blog. Always great to see other Californians even though neither of us are from California. We over in San Jose for three months in 2007 but sadly didn’t like it all proving you can’t know a place until you live there. We’re similar to you guys but in reverse. Diane hates writing and gets bored reading blogs but takes great pictures. Writing is the only thing that comes naturally to me and most readers seem to enjoy and compliment what I consider as just normal writing so I guess that works

    Rob and Diane

    • Jay Reply

      That’s awesome! Tay’s from a suburb in San Jose (Saratoga). We love California, but we love adventure more. Great to hear from other traveling couples (especially another writing/photographing duo)! Thanks for following along.

  3. Dillon Reply

    I always felt like the person I ended up with would have to be someone I could travel with as well :) I love that you both have a passion for travel and are also working together to share you stories. Can’t wait to hear more from you two!

    • justinejmcgrath@gmail.com Reply

      Thanks, Dillon! I hope you find your adventure partner :)

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