7 Reasons Why You Should Travel as a Couple

Travel is always rewarding. In fact, we firmly believe that it’s the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. That being said, there’s something magical about experiencing new things with a person you care about. Whether you’re trailblazing with your longtime love or new flame, there’s tons of benefits to traveling with a partner:

1. Splitting Costs

Financials definitely aren’t sexy. But a big part of travel is throwing money at shit! Being able to share the cost of hotel rooms, excursions, and gear is a huge plus in our book. IMG_0377

2. Sampling a larger variety of local cuisine

The secret’s out: We love food. And if you’re like us, you want to try as much local fare as possible during your trip. One of our favorite things about eating out together is that we get to sample two entrees, desserts, cocktails, etc. Life’s a little sweeter that way, and you run less risk of overeating. IMG_0527

3. Preserving memories

Have you ever gone on an amazing trip and a few years, or even months, later you realize you’ve forgotten half the details? If you’re not interested in keeping a journal, the best reminder is your companion. Our chats usually go something like this: “Remember that time we were in Las Vegas and our cab driver started doing magic tricks involving fire? What was that guy’s name?” “The great Taxdini!”


4. Pushing yourself to try new things

Solo travel is great because you are solely responsible for your itinerary. But when you travel with your significant other, you are sometimes forced to try new things outside of your comfort zone. And if you’re with someone who doesn’t challenge you? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. Without Tay, Jay would have never gone skydiving. And without Jay, Tay would have never discovered his love for Thai food. IMG_0305

5. Strengthening your bond

Not to sound like that couple, but we rarely fight. It’s a strange and beautiful thing about our relationship. But no matter how close we are, we always return from trips with a deeper understanding of one another. Seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend in a new element is exciting and elevates your relationship in unexpected ways. IMG_0123

6. Avoiding sketchy situations

You can never predict what you’ll run into on the road. But there is such a thing as “strength in numbers.” Having another person around to watch your back is a huge bonus. Fall asleep on the beach with your wallet out in the open? Your partner is there to tuck it away safely. Fail to recognize a con? Hopefully your travel buddy has the common sense to spot a sham. It never hurts to have another set of ears and eyes with you, and your partner always has your best interest in mind.


7. Having someone to take care of you

Sick? Hungover? Homesick? Your partner is there to hold your hand and get you some Pepto Bismol if need be (you probably shouldn’t have eaten that gray-looking goat meat). When you travel with someone you love, you’re taking a piece of home with you everywhere you go. Find solace in your partner, and adversely, be there for them if they’re not feeling 100%.


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  1. Laura R Reply

    Lovely. I’ve done lots of solo female trips but I’m excited to travel with my new boyfriend. I figure that if I’m going to be with anyone long term, we need to be travel-compatible!

  2. Jay Reply

    Definitely agree, Laura. Once I knew that Tay and I could travel together, our future seemed a lot more certain! Good luck on the road with your man. :)

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