10 Things to Know When Planning a Girls Getaway to Vegas

Forget Disneyland, Las Vegas is actually the happiest place on earth.

Known for its Elvis impersonators, bright lights, and rowdy clubs, the city has drawn party-goers like moths to a LED lit flame for decades. I’ve been to Sin City countless times, but find I enjoy it most when I go with my girlfriends. Planning a trip to Vegas with your breasted besties? Here are 10 things to know when planning your girls trip:

1. Bring food or perish

Las Vegas isn’t known for being cheap. Hit up the grocery store with your lady friends and stock up on the essentials. You’ll need light snacks like granola bars and fresh fruit, and something hearty to soak up all the alcohol– think PB&J supplies or frozen individual pizzas.  


2. You can drink ANYWHERE

Much like you should’t travel to Vegas without some food in tow, you’re going to want to bring along some alcohol. If you’re traveling with all girls, you should have no problem getting hooked up with bottle service or drink tickets once you enter a club. However, tote some champagne along with you to pregame in your hotel room. And when you’re touring the strip? Vegas has lax open container laws, meaning you can bring your drinks to go! Say goodbye to overpaying for yard drinks–you came prepared.


3. Always ask for the upgrade

Celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or just getting down and dirty with your main chicks? When you check into your hotel room, ask the front desk if they have any complimentary upgrades available to enhance your squad’s weekend. While they’re not always available, if you’re traveling during the off season (fall and winter), it’s very likely that they’ll accommodate your request. And it doesn’t hurt to slip the desk clerk a little moola (if he needs convincing).


4. Pool party preparation

If you find yourself in Vegas from April-September, you’ll be spending your days poolside. Vegas pool parties are magical and terrifying. You’ll be surrounded by splashing strangers, sipping Long Island iced teas and dancing to a famed DJ’s beats. Perhaps one of the most fun experiences in town, but they can have consequences. Never forget to pack sunscreen (even if it’s cloudy!), and don’t go too crazy with the drinking. Often times, people go too hard during the day and aren’t able to make it out in the evening. Keep the good times rolling by sticking to one or two cocktails and keeping a water bottle on hand at all times.


5. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird

On any given day in Las Vegas, you can walk down the Strip and be witness to something insane. I’ve seen hundreds of men in kilts dancing down the street, a magician bend a nickel with his mind, and life sized Sesame Street characters causing a ruckus while high on pills. There are literally no limits in this town. That being said, round up your crew and get a little weird. During our last trip, we all dressed up as Disney princesses for a night out at 1 OAK. The outfits were a hit, and we got to cut the club line as soon as we walked into the hotel’s lobby.


6. Prepare for crowds

You’re about to enter a war zone. Las Vegas nightclubs are notorious for packing people in like sausages. The picture below was taken at XS in the Wynn, which has a capacity of 5,000 people. Big name acts draw out club goers and you will probably be elbow to elbow with people from all over the world. Embrace the crowd, otherwise you will have a stressful night. If you have friends who don’t do well around a ton of people, it’s best to leave them at home or encourage them to get show tickets (they will thank you for it later).


7. Use the buddy system

Avoid getting trampled or lost by appointing someone as your buddy. Just like in kindergarten, your buddy is here to look out for you. Not only is it a good idea to have a friend watching your back, but it’s easier to sneak into VIP areas as a group of two, versus a group of 10. Your girls will have more fun if you occasionally pair off throughout the weekend. Then, when you’re all reunited, you can swap stories and share a few laughs.


8. Dealers are your friends

I’m not talking about drug dealers, although I’m sure the city is full of friendly ones. Casino dealers are some of the nicest people in Vegas. Sure, some might say that’s because they’re stealing your money, but they offer up a quiet place to recharge. Hit the casino between clubs and catch your breath. When you’re on the casino floor, cocktail waitresses will come around to take your drink order. Anything you order is free! Definitely be sure to carry cash to tip these lovely servers, and load up on water before heading out to the next destination on your itinerary.


9. Carve out some time to unwind

Vegas can get crazy! I always have a ton of fun when I visit, but often need a day or two to check back into my normal routine. Make sure to set aside a few hours to simply relax. Whether you spend that time poolside at a quiet oasis, reading in your room’s bathtub, or enjoying a nice meal with your girlfriends, your body and mind will thank you for the brief retreat.


10. Bring your best friends

You’re going to make lots of new friends during your stay in Vegas. Sassy girls in line for the bathroom, funny dudes in line for the bar, a group of navy seals at the pool party, an elderly European couple in the casino…but no matter how many people you meet, you have to bring your best girls along for the ride. Vegas will leave you with some truly crazy stories, and you’ll want to share those memories with the women you love the most.


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